10 Cool Facts About The Maltese Breed

Maltese Facts are used to answer questions about the breed, and not intended to be an insult towards those who know of them. The basic information of these facts is not intended to offend anyone and are intended for educational purposes only.

The Maltese is one of three breeds that originated in the small Italian island of Malta. It was first bred as a working dog, although it can also be kept as a domestic pet. This Maltese is quite well known all over the world because of its intelligence and charm. It is also noted for its beauty, which is one of the reasons why the breed can easily become man’s best friend.

The Maltese can be classified according to its coat. Its short-haired coat is either white or black, which may be either undercoated or uncoated. It has a distinctive wavy pattern, hence the name.

The Maltese is among the smallest dogs that can be classed as being a “true” miniature. It is actually smaller than a German Shepherd, but this isn’t the same thing as being of average size. It is not at all uncommon for owners to own Maltese of over 200 pounds.

In addition to its compact body, the Maltese has an equally compact head and limbs. Due to its compact structure, the Maltese does not have a need for large ears and does not require a big and long body to go with its small head.

However, what most people do not know about the Maltese is that it is very strong and athletic. The breed is also one of the hardest-working breeds, which can explain why it is able to constantly move on a leash and jump. It can jump up to five feet high in order to get a ball that has been dropped. However, it does not use its upper body to jump as it needs the lower body for balancing.

This breed of dog was originally bred as a watchdog, but the presence of a brother named Brutus took it in a different direction. The Maltese is one of the few dogs that have killed a deer using the eye as a stabbing instrument. One theory for this killing is that the dog thought that the deer were trying to steal the eye of its sibling. When Brutus returned home from the deer, the others were jealous and came to kill him, which caused the fatal attack.

Among the other amazing Maltese facts that most people do not know is that the breed enjoys eating kiwi. It is believed that this breed of dog can literally eat a whole kiwi, which makes it one of the smallest dogs that can eat this type of fruit. It is also very unlikely that the breed would let you feed it with grapes or watermelons.

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