10 DIY Cat-Trees Indoor/Outdoor Ideas

If you are looking for some Indoor/Outdoor Ideas for Cat Trees then you should be happy to learn that there are many. Some are more original than others, and the originals are certainly worth looking at. The beauty of the cat tree is that it is an item that can fit in any space, without taking up too much room. For this reason it can also be made to fit in just about any backyard.

Indoor/Outdoor Tree Designs – Cats at home? The idea of getting a Cat Tree is probably one that you have considered. A Cat Tree may well be an ideal solution for those cat owners who feel it’s important to provide their cats with the same outdoor playtime as they enjoy at home.

To get you started, let’s consider one of the Indoor/Outdoor Designs that is currently being used in India. The Kanteel is a lovely tree, and in fact a very popular Indoor/Outdoor Tree Design. Designed by the Indriya Design Group, the Kanteel is made from beech, and is an ideal item for use in the garden. Its clean lines are a great way to create an indoor playroom with minimal expense.

One thing to bear in mind when looking at the designs here is that they are designed to flow harmoniously together. A feature that may well appeal to you is the possibility of setting the Kanteel up as a trellis. This means that you can keep it within reach, and with little effort you can keep a cup of tea or coffee within reach. It is such a great idea, and it fits in very well with the Indoor/Outdoor Design of Kanteel.

In fact, to show you what you can achieve with a Kanteel, here is a little experiment. Take a white cloth and cut out a square on one side. Take this and attach it to the other side of the Kanteel, creating a free-standing ring. When you would like to climb into the tree, simply pull the square from one side, and then your clothes will be hanging there when you reach up into the tree.

Other Indoor/Outdoor Cat Trees includes ones which have the upper part of the tree hinged. The sliding action allows for easy set-up and also prevents it from shifting. It’s not likely that you’ll want to climb up on the top, but the beauty of this design is that you can set it up in the garden, in a window, or even on a deck.

Traditional Cat Trees is unique in that they are quite distinctive. Some may be beautifully carved to look like wooden bowls or birdbaths, while others can be quite whimsical in their design.

Before you make your decision, you should be sure to consider all of the above, and make sure that you are happy with your choice when it comes to Indoor/Outdoor Cat Trees. Good luck!

Ace Porter