9 Awesome Giant Betta Fish

You’re going to want to watch your Giant Betta fish very carefully as they will not do well when they are being bullied. This will continue for the rest of their lives in a world that wants nothing to do with them.

If you want your fish to be successful, you have to pay attention to their diet and offer them fish that are tough and are perfectly suited to their huge mouths. Some Betta fish are big enough to swallow you whole and if they know they’re not getting enough of that particular food, it will only make their next meal more difficult.

Betta fish can also be very aggressive when they are stressed. They won’t eat if they aren’t getting enough food or they are afraid of and will attack. In fact, Giant Betta fish are so poisonous that in Japan, they are poisonous to the barest degree.

Betta fish are often called “Hari-kaze” which means “curve of death” because they dart at the slightest bit of fear or anxiety. Many people who have seen this fish tell of how quickly it darts and how long the fight is before the fish finally disappears into the darkness of the water. But no matter how huge the fish is, it will not survive in water with such an alkaline pH level, because it will become stressed out.

So, to prevent it from darting at the least bit of fear, you can get a pet fish with a shy temperament and that is actually not a very scary predator. This type of Betta fish can actually protect itself, but the way it protects itself is to hide.

Betta fish use tiny spines around its eyes, mouth and fins to protect itself. This is because it wants to avoid being attacked by another Betta fish or even by a human, because it could harm someone very badly and cause them to go blind. The last thing that any Betta wants to see is someone opening its mouth wide and catching a bite on its delicate teeth, which can easily be avoided.

When the Betta becomes bolder, it will often do a few bites of the water and that will cause the other fish to start flinching and the one with the giant sword will come flying out. Because of this, the one that didn’t get hit or jump out of the water will usually try to hide. It’s not good for the Betta, but it’s all part of the wild fish world, and they’re just happy to live there.

As a pet owner, you should make sure that you are respectful of the Giant Betta fish as well as yourself. You should also consider other species of fish as your pet, as they will be easier to keep and you will have more fish to take care of, all while making the most of the beautiful Betta fish. The main problem with Betta fish is that they love to be in the water, which can be a problem for anyone that isn’t sure how to get them to stick to you.

Ace Porter