9 Most Beautiful Birds

There are a lot of beautiful birds that call the skies and you’ll get to see them during the birding season which begins in the fall. Some of the most beautiful birds that you’ll come across during your birding trip include the Red-tailed Hawk, Goldfinch, Brown Pelican, Lark Sparrow, Starling, Blue Grosbeak, Quail, Turkey Vulture, Kingfisher, Mourning Dove, Orange-crowned Night-Heron, Tanager, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Cooper’s Hawk, Great Egret, Black-throated Blue Warbler, White-throated Night-Heron, Nuthatch, and the Sanderling.

You’ll need to be prepared when you plan on being out bird watching because there are a lot of birds that are not shy or flighty like we humans. It can be quite an adventure for some people if they’ve never been bird watching before. A lot of birds, especially warblers and bluebirds, like to pick their own food from berries and insects so be sure to carry a small package of foods with you in case you happen to run into one of these birds.

If you’ve ever walked down the street and seen a waterbird fly by you then you have encountered a bird that’s part of the most beautiful birds. They are one of the most commonly seen birds and you’ll find them on any type of location.

If you’re looking for the ones that you can talk to on the ground, then an eagle is going to be your best bet because they will let you have a bird on the eye catch. The cardinal is another type of bird that is known for its beautiful plumage.

When you’re talking about these different types of birds, you will discover that it takes time to learn what a bird does and how it eats. The common food that most birds love is fish but that doesn’t mean that the day owl loves to eat fruit either. When it comes to feeding your bird, you’ll also want to be aware of the kind of food that your bird likes. Even if you’re feeding a salmon, you’ll need to know how much is needed per day to make sure that the fish is getting enough food.

It may seem like a great idea to learn what your bird likes but you don’t want to keep a book full of paper clips that your bird has already taken out. You’ll want to be as simple as possible because if you’re giving your bird a new toy, you don’t want to spoil the feel of the toy.

Remember that birds aren’t going to tell you what they like in order to get something to eat so there are no universal rules when it comes to learning the type of bird that they are. However, they can be quite fascinating to talk to when you are out bird watching.

Ace Porter